Empowering Artistic Participation and Mapping Cultural Dynamics in Larnaka

Λarnakarts, is a dynamic platform for recording and activating the city’s cultural landscape. As an information and networking tool, the platform seeks both to map the artistic community and, by informing on existing options and events, to lead to the greatest possible participation of residents and visitors. Empowering artistic activity, maximising people’s participation and diffusing art throughout the city are fundamental objectives of Larnaca 2030.

Λarnakarts has two main parts, a static one where information about the city’s artists, venues and cultural institutions is available, and a dynamic part that lists all the information about current artistic events. The easy access to information in real time is expected to benefit artistic activity and enhance the participation of Larnaka’s residents and visitors alike.


  • Independent artists, creators and cultural professionals in the artistic field
  • Institutions, cultural bodies/companies
  • Cultural Venues ( rented or available for events)
  • Events ( organised on a regular basis)

The call is addressed to the following individuals, organisations, and bodies:

Independent artists and professionals in the artistic field

Musicians, visual artists, architects, sound designers, designers, actors, directors, writers, cultural managers and others.


Museums, festivals, institutions focusing on artistic and cultural activities, independent corporations, schools, conservatories, Biennale and others.

Spaces (those rented or available for events)

Galleries, theatres, music venues, archaeological sites, warehouses and others.

Events (those organised on a regular basis)

Festivals, feasts, Biennale and others.